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One-On-One Discipleship
The men will work one-on-one with a spiritual adviser to develop a plan
of action towards self-sufficiency as well as small attainable goals which will increase confidence in their ability necessary to attain their long-term goals!

Family and Fellowship
Here at Triple-H-Housing we offer a hand up, not a handout.  We believe the only time you should look down upon someone is with an extended hand!

If We Can't Have Fun, What's The Point​?
Having fun is an essential part of recovery, although we take our mission 100% serious, we must learn how to let go, have fun and not white knuckle it!  We want to experience true joy while learning who we are in Christ.

Our facility is a home for sober living, where men can stay for up to one year.
However, certain requirements must be met satisfactorily in order for them
to do so. Some of the requirements as well as established goals include:

-Attending church weekly
-Maintaining employment
-Paying monthly rent
-Attending weekly bible studies
-Attending weekly AA/NA meetings
-One-on-one discipleship
-Group meetings/functions
-Help build a foundation
-Establishing a lasting recovery
-Developing a camaraderie and fellowship 

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