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Here at Triple-H-Housing we are attempting to bridge the gap between structured rehabilitation facilities and an exit strategy.  For the longest time there has been a hole that has plagued many people, they go through months and months of rehabilitation only to find themselves right back where they began after completion.

Our program is a holistic approach with Christ being the center focus upon which the foundation of their recovery will be built.  Our facility is a home for sober living where men can stay up to one year while working and attending church, weekly bible studies, AA/NA meetings, one-on-one discipleship, group meetings and different functions that will help them build a foundation upon which a lasting recovery will be established.  The longevity of their stay will become one of their biggest assets, giving them some quality clean time before they exit into the world on their own.

Our Motto

With God at the head and us at the tail we cannot fail!

Our Team

Martin Oltz
Board of Directors
President &  Director of Program Services


Martin has obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Rochester University as well as two associate degrees one in arts and the other in general studies. He is a member of the International Honor Society in Psychology PSI CHI. He is currently a soldier in the Salvation Army and volunteers in many of the outreach programs they offer as well as a member of the EDS team (Emergency Disaster Service).


Shawna Oltz


Shawna Oltz was born in Flint, Michigan and has remained living and working in this area (Durand, Lennon, Swartz Creek and Burton) for her entire life. She is married with two adult daughters and three grandchildren. Shawna graduated from Durand Area High School and has associates degrees in Applied Science (pharmacy Tech) and Business Management from Baker College of Flint. She is a member and works for The Salvation Army Flint Citadel in downtown Flint, Michigan. Shawna has been a member of the church since 2010 and has worked as the Youth Program and Ministries Coordinator since 2011. Her favorite quote is “In every job that must be done, there is an element of FUN!" Mary Poppins which she lives by in her every day and work life.


Cynthia Taylor
Board of Directors
Social Media Specialist


Cynthia Taylor was born in Florida and raised there for 15 years.  She then moved to Indiana where she graduated from Ivy Tech where she received a Technical Certificate in Secretarial Administrative with Word Processing.  She also graduated from Indiana State Beauty College with a license in Cosmetology.  Cyndi is the manager of Fried’s Cat Shelter, a non-profit organization, which she has worked at for 25 years now.  She spends the free time she has with all of her vey loved animals or doing what she loves - reading books.


Traci Lindborg
Board of Directors
Administrative Assistant


Traci Lindborg graduated from Roger's High School in Michigan City, Indiana. She is the assistant director of Fried's Cat Shelter, a nonprofit organization, which she has worked at for four years now. Traci is an outspoken person who speaks up when she doesn't believe something is right. She also often finds herself helping people when others don't seem to have the courage to. Traci currently spends her free time raising her three beautiful girls with her husband of eighteen years.


Maureen Oltz
Financial Advisor


Maureen Oltz grew up as a military brat and was born in Pennsylvania. She has held many crucial titles in her life: Beloved wife, beloved mother of five children one who was born with special needs. She has been a financial and spiritual counselor to her family as well as many others. But her crowning achievement has been raising her five children, and now works closely with her seven grandchildren. She has worked as an Aerobics instructor, in customer service at United Limo and was a manager at Reflections Jeweler Store. She has a passion for Christ and is willing to help anyone in need. She is a natural with finances and love!

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