The mission of our non-profit organization is to provide a safe environment where men will be able to work on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing as they learn to experience the true love, mercy and grace that Jesus Christ so freely gives us.

Triple-H-Housing is working hard and has made great strides towards getting a new sober living home in the Flint area up and running. All major hurdles have been overcome, save one.

This is where you come in. We do need your help in making the hopes and dreams of men looking for a new life where the seemingly hopeless and often deadly physical dependency of addiction and the desolate spiritual void left in its wake are replaced with the glorious, undeniable love of Jesus Christ.

Even a small contribution will go a long way towards bringing these hopes and dreams to light. All too often, even the bravest and strongest men who have made the greatest efforts in their rehabilitation emerge sober but with nothing and, even worse, nobody. Triple-H-Housing aims to provide these men with safe and solid Christian foundation as they continue to discover their latent, lost or forgotten potential as they grow and transition back into society as saved and reformed servants of Christ.

Thank you for the endless support and interest you've given us so far!

With God at the head and us at the tail, we cannot fail.



























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January 2020


Martin Oltz

President & Director of Program Services

1485 N. Belsay Rd.

Burton, MI  48509


(810) 309-7387​